Student House System Survey:

Student Life

Life at Machebeuf is full of spirit and enthusiasm! Here we seek to assist parents in the formation of the entire person. This happens not only in the classroom but in the daily life and activities of our students through clubs, organizations, and living out our lives of faith. We are ethnically and culturally diverse, so we can learn about one another in a setting that is grounded in love and understanding. Our students support one another in cheering athletes on from the sidelines, attending school plays, and offering encouragement for a weekend event outside of school.

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Machebeuf Student Life oversees the following activities: 

House System – Faith Formation - Homecoming - Prom - Spirit Week -Pep Rallies - School Dances - School Socials - Service Projects - Intramurals - Student Clubs


It has been said that the longest journey a person makes is the 18 inches from the head to the heart. Though it can be a messy journey, it is the task of Catholic Education to accompany students on that journey, tending to the WHOLE person.

The early followers of Jesus "devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers"(Acts 2:42). As an Academic Community of Faith, we are called to continually make the effort to live as true disciples. Through research, experience, and collaboration, we have come to believe that the House System offers our students the opportunity to integrate what they learn with what they live. The 2016-17 School year is our inaugural year with the House System.

House System Structure

Left: Ben and Hewan, our Senior School Captains 

 All students are placed into one of four Communities: St. Dominic, Blessed Chiara Badano, St. Lawrence, or St. Michael. Within those Communities, each student is part of one Household. A Community is made of up 5 Households. Each Community has an adult Community Mentor and a Senior Community Captain, while each
Household has 1-2 Teacher Mentor(s) and a Senior House Captain, along with 2 Co-Captains from the lower grade levels. Overseeing the activity of the entire House System is our two Senior School Captains and the Director of Catholic Community.

Student Servant Leadership


The House System structure ignites opportunities for deeper and positive interaction between grade levels and demands that leadership from the "top-down" be about service. Planning and implementation of Student Events and daily activities is student-led, spread out among the Communities, and supported by the guidance of mentors.


House Time

This is non-academic time meant to build one another up/ Households meet 4 times a week for about 15 minutes to check in, pray, plan events/service projects and/or participate in an activity—like a family, it is a time to check in and take care of each other. On Thursdays, Households meet for a longer time block for these activities.

Teacher Mentorship

Teachers will be given the opportunity to get to know students in their house in a way that isn't purely academic. Students may not have their teacher mentor for a current class, but that teacher's sole role during House time is to participate in events planned by the Senior House Captains and by giving support and encouragement. Teachers meet with each student in their Household twice a year to check on how they are doing spiritually, academically, socially, and vocationally.

Student Life Forms and Handouts

Here you will find Parent Forms for upcoming events of the school year.  You can access Parent Forms in PDF format at the bottom of this page.              

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Meredith Brennan, Director of Catholic Community at or Ms. Brittany Imig, Assistant Director for Admissions and Student Life, at 



Dance Forms found below:


Backwards Dance - Code of Conduct

Backwards Dance - Formal Dress Code

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