Schools uniforms are available through the following vendors. To order online or find a location click on the links:


Purpose of the Dress Code


It is both in the spirit and structure of the Catholic school to require students to be attentive to their dress. Students are expected to be properly dressed when they enter the building in the morning and remain properly dressed until the end of the school day. Articles of clothing that are not part of the dress code need to be placed in a locker until the end of the school day. It is the goal of Bishop Machebeuf High School to accomplish the following by having a dress code:


  • Develop a sense of school unity and pride

  • Ensure modesty and professionalism

  • Minimize distractions from learning


By freely choosing BMHS, students choose to be in compliance with rules and regulations and will support them.


Machebeuf Dress Code

  • Dress code clothing items must fit properly. Tight, revealing, or too big / baggy clothing will not be permitted.

  • Nothing can be added to any dress code clothing. Examples – pins, patches, jewelry, and art work etc… items that hide, detract or alter the dress code are not allowed.



  • Students may wear loose-fitting, uniform-style black or khaki pants of twill material (no leggings, jeggings, jeans, or yoga pants).

  • Shorts may be khaki or black, 1-2 inches above the knee, and loose-fitting.

  • Students need to wear a belt.

  • Pants and shorts should be purchased from one of three vendors:

  • Dennis Uniform - Dennisuniform.com

  • Land’s End – Landsend.com

  • Educational Outfitters - Educationaloutfitters.com


Pants that are not purchased from these vendors need to be same style and material.



  • Shirts may be either white or green, collared Machebeuf Logo polo shirts and must be tucked in.

  • Males may wear a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with a Machebeuf tie (must be tucked in and worn with a belt).

  • Females may wear the white, button blouse with the Machebeuf logo on it.



  • Girls are allowed to wear official plaid-colored skorts purchased from Dennis Uniform. These skorts may not be altered.

  • Tights or leggings are required unless a student’s skort falls to just 1-2 inches above the knee.

  • Shorts are to be worn underneath skirts.


Shoes / Socks

  • Students must wear closed-toe dress shoes or athletic shoes.

  • No heels higher than 2”.

  • Tights may be worn, but must be a complementary, solid color - no patterns or designs.



  • Outerwear is defined as a Machebeuf (green, grey, or black) sweater, sweatshirt, or jacket. T-shirts are not outerwear.

  • Even when wearing outerwear, students must wear an approved Machebeuf collared shirt under the outerwear.

  • Girls may wear appropriate scarves.


Spirit Day Dress

  • Any Machebeuf top (t-shirts allowed) and appropriate uniform pants or blue jeans (solid blue, no holes, must be full length, no skinny, tight, or stretch jeans allowed).

  • Student Council will work to plan Spirit Days once a month.


Hair Styles / Facial Hair

  • Hair must be well-groomed, clean and out of the eyes.

  • Extreme hairstyles and non-natural hair colors will not be permitted.

  • Mohawk and faux hawk styles are not permitted.

  • Facial hair is not permitted. Students must be clean-shaven.


Facial/Body Piercing/ Tattoos/ Body Art/ Jewelry

  • Facial piercing, tongue piercing, and body stickers are not allowed and students may not use Band-Aids or other material to cover piercing jewelry.

  • Girls are allowed to wear up to two earrings an ear. Boys many not wear earrings.