Machebeuf-U at BMHS


Bishop Machebeuf High School has always prided itself on the ability to provide college preparatory curriculum and placement of students in universities and colleges across the nation. Machebeuf-U is an expanded guidance program designed to introduce the college experience to each student at his/her current grade level. We understand there are different levels of knowledge needed from the freshman year to the senior year, and Machebeuf-U will tailor information to the appropriate needs of the student.

Machebeuf-U provides students with the academic, administrative, and emotional support that they need to succeed in high school and college. Academic support includes arranging tutoring, developing study skills, and supporting goal setting. Administrative support includes scheduling, academic advising, and assistance with college applications and financial aid for college. Because our advisers are not therapists, we only offer students general emotional support. Students with serious emotional needs are referred to private therapists.

Planning For College

Machebeuf-U Planning for College Guidebook, please click here 


Machebeuf-U uses Naviance, one of the most dependable and recognizable names in the college application process nationwide. 

To access Naviance, click here.


College Planning Links

The College Invest Scholarship List is an incredibly comprehensive list of available scholarships.
High School Seniors should treat scholarship research and application as a part-time job - there is money to be found - and this is a great place to start. – registration for the ACT, college research, test preparation. – registration for the SAT, college research, test preparation. – access to Denver Libraries' data base, ACT/SAT prep. – this site links to US News “best colleges” database. – Free Application for Federal Student Aid, you will need to fill this out for all colleges/universities financial aid offices – the student registers and is assigned a mailbox on the site where information on new scholarship opportunities are posted. – this is a common application that is accepted by over 300 college and universities


For further assistance please contact Mrs. Shanor at