Academic Programs at BMHS

Aquinas Honors Program

While honors classes will continue to be available at all grade levels, starting with the incoming class of 2020, Bishop Machebeuf High School will offer a comprehensive set of honors classes to cultivate the minds of our highest-achieving students throughout their four years at Machebeuf. Students who successfully complete the required classes will graduate with a special honors certificate.

Learning Strategies Program

Bishop Machebeuf High School is an academic community of faith that serves a diverse group of students. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and differ widely in their previous academic work. Some students arrive with a diagnosis of specific learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), while other students may need help discovering why, despite their hard work, they still struggle with the tasks of school. The Learning Strategies Program (LSP) was established in 1999 to help these students discover their gifts and reach success in a challenging college preparatory program.

In the LSP, we believe that learning is a joyful process where mistakes are not to be avoided but celebrated as opportunities to correct one’s course. We strive to help students discover their own process for learning. Our core belief in the LSP is that students with learning difficulties CAN and WILL succeed when they are engaged in a supportive relationship with an academic advisor who encourages them toward self-reflection.

Three central goals inform our work with students. Our hope is that students who participate actively in the LSP will:

1. Develop self-awareness of how they learn.
2. Develop study strategies that will work for them.
3. Develop self-advocacy skills that will serve them not only in high school but in college as well.

St. Isidore Initiative

To better support incoming freshmen who may need additional academic support, Bishop Machebeuf High School will be offering some intensive classes in reading, writing, and math for students who qualify. These elective classes will give students the additional time and opportunity they need to successfully complete the school's college preparatory curriculum.