Summer Reading Assignments

Each specific English course has a different summer reading assignment.  
These are listed at the bottom of the page.
For rationale behind summer reading, see below:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Summer reading and the assignments that accompany it are meant to help students engage their minds and souls during the summer months as well as to provide a springboard for the beginning discussions and activities of the next school year.  These assignments are not designed to be burdensome but do require planning and intentionality.  It is certainly better to complete the assignment in one or two days at the beginning of the summer than at the very end, but, ideally, the assignment should be addressed with an hour or two of reading or writing a week.

 Recognizing the time and thought commitment required by the assignment, the summer reading assignment will count for a test grade at the beginning of the next school year.  This is an important formative experience that demands some time and attention.

  For more information, please check out these resources:

“Summer Reading, Some are Not!” by Nancy Potter, Associate Director of School Outreach for the College Board (the people who run the AP program and SAT test)

“Summer Reading” by Jim Trelease (a world-renowned speaker and writer on the value of reading)

Thank you for your commitment to your student’s education and for your support of Bishop Machebeuf High School.

Freshmen Summer Reading

Honors Freshmen Reading

10th Grade Summer Reading

10th Grade Grammar Assignment

10th Grade Honors Summer Reading

10th Grade Honors Grammar Assignment

11th Grade Summer Reading

11th Grade AP Summer Reading

12th Grade Summer Reading

12th Grade AP Lit and Comp Summer Reading